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welcome to english unlocked

Tailored and professional English Language and Business Skills consultancy in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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weekly training & intensive courses

Choose weekly in-house lessons or intensive special courses.

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The workshops focus upon work-related topics and contexts, and are designed to offer help and advice to give the participants a skill they can use immediately.

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How do you want to learn English?

Improve your Language and Business Skills with hands-on face-to-face training. Language and Business Skills training courses can be organised and delivered in a number of different ways. Choose one or more to cover the skills you need in order to do your job more effectively in an English-speaking environment. All language courses are tailor made to suit exactly the needs and levels of the individual or group. Below you can also find examples of the most common Business Skills courses, which can also be tailored depending on your needs, level and previous experience.


    Courses and workshops

  • Regular weekly training

    Do you want to improve your fluency and confidence in speech? Improve your business and social English? Activate your passive knowledge? Start training on a regular weekly basis, either alone or in a small group. Weekly training will take place in your workplace so no travel needed. Every training course and programme is tailor-made to exactly cover the needs of each individual or group.

  • Intensive courses

    Alternatively, or in addition to regular training, you can book an intensive language course to give a quick boost to your level, and confidence. Intensive training is delivered outside the workplace in, for example, a hotel. Overnight accommodation, meals and a sauna & social evening are typically included in the price. This is learning made fun in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

  • Workshops

    Workshops are one-day intensive language courses that focus on a specific topic, depending on your needs. Topics include English for travel, small talk and socialising, communicating on the phone and written business English for email’s and letters etc. Business skills workshops are more skills-based courses and concentrate on, for example the art of presenting, negotiating and holding meetings in English. Choose a Workshop that covers the work-related topics that are important to you. These intensive courses enable the participants to walk away with a skill they can use immediately in the workplace.

About English Unlocked

David Houghton

Hello, I’m David Houghton, the founder of English Unlocked, very nice to make your acquaintance! I have worked in business English training since 1992, and even though most of my teaching career has been in Finland, I have also lived and taught in England, Sweden and Germany. Over the years I have taught in many different companies and organisations, ranging from the metal, paper, automobile and food industries to banking, aviation, IT and public relations. My skills and experience allow me to offer you a personal and professional service. I strive to receive positive feedback from all my training courses and to provide my customers with skills they can use immediately in the work place. English Unlocked was established in 2005.